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10 of the Best Free Google Slides Templates for 2022

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Do you often find yourself needing to prepare a presentation, but you’re not sure where to start? Maybe this is your first time. While it can take hours or days to develop slides from scratch, an easier option is using free Google Slides templates that take most of the work from you.

We’ve pulled together a list of the 10 best free templates for Google Slides. You’ll see we focussed on different industries, but they apply to most businesses and freelancers. There are also a few you can try out for fun, and we’re eager to make our own Yearbook presentation for Softonic.

10 of the Best Free Google Slides Templates for 2022
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What is a Google Slides template, and how does it work?

To put it simply, a Google Slide template is a design and layout with most of the content already completed. Well, it’s default content, and you’ll still need to insert your own text and images. It saves you the time you would have wasted doing it all by yourself alone at your desk with no guidance.

A lot of research has gone into developing these Google Slides templates. Even if there are some slides missing from your project, you can quickly make them by duplicating and altering the content. It’s still an effective way to quickly make a presentation.

How to get and use Google Slides Templates

There are various ways you can get Google Slides templates and use them on your device for your presentations. When you head to your Google Drive and open a new Google Slide, you’ll see free built-in templates available on the side and bottom. Another option is downloading it from online sources, where you’ll have free and paid choices. Be sure to also look for Chrome extensions that provide free templates.

10 top free templates for Google Slides

You can head to the templates page for Google Slides to access any of their top outlines. Here’s our selection of the best templates you should try.

Consulting Proposal

There are many businesses and freelancers with plenty of experience that provide advice on how to deal with specific situations. The free Consulting Proposal Google Slides template lets you set up the problem and solution across several slides in a professional manner. While showing sophistication with your research and methodologies, you can also display the expected deliverables and processes.

Best Free Google Slides Templates

Case Study

Sometimes the best way to tackle a problem your company’s facing is to look at case studies in the industry for the best solution. This Case Study template for Google Slides lets you set the problem and solution upfront before discussing the details of what needs to be implemented. There’s also a linear graph showing how to achieve the best results, and you can showcase the team members.

Best Free Google Slides Templates

Status Report

One aspect of managing projects and meeting timelines is sharing the status with various stakeholders, even company directors and managers. The Status Report template for Google Slides has several pages established where you can present where you are with each task. There are also sections for presenting what the expected schedule is and what the following tasks are in the process.

Best Free Google Slides Templates

Project Wireframes

If your company is looking for a way to improve the website structure and design, then look into the free Google Slides template, Project Wireframes. It combines the features of problems, solutions, and user experience to present a way to improve the UX design. There are panels where you can show portions of the site, existing and proposed. It also helps when wanting to discuss buttons and menu features.

Best Free Google Slides Templates

Professional Profile

Writing a curriculum vitae on a document can be boring and bland. Even if you spice it up with themes and colors, it only holds the readers’ attention for so long. With Professional Profile, you can lay out your experience and portfolio in a way that stands out. There’s an employment timeline that is visually appealing, and you can present sample projects for the company to review.

Best Free Google Slides Templates

Product Portfolio

The Product Portfolio Google Slides template is similar to Professional Profile. The main difference is that it lets you showcase your products over your experience. It’s useful when you need to show prospective clients the quality of your services, and you can apply it to so many fields. You’ll also find a skills line that reveals your top abilities related to the service.

Best Free Google Slides Templates

Lesson Plan

Here’s one for the teachers. Perhaps you want to establish a lesson plan for the year ahead, for yourself or the school management team. Lesson Plan for Google Slides sets out the main aspects to focus on, such as objectives, learning modules, materials, and the audience. It has a basic theme, but there’s a valuable timeline slide to prepare for different terms.

Best Free Google Slides Templates

Field Trip

Sometimes, you may receive an assignment as a student to go on a field trip and present your findings. The Field Trip Google Slides template only has a few slides, but you can expand on any of them to meet the task requirements. The sections included are explaining your favorite part of the trip, what you learned on it, and other research you performed.

Best Free Google Slides Templates

Recipe Book

Presenting several recipes on a website doesn’t always read well. Also, you’ll want it to be visually appealing to wet the reader’s appetite. Recipe Book is an ideal free Google Slides template that lets you place images and text for the ingredients and methods side-by-side. It also sets out the process in a more interesting way. To show off your skills, there’s a section for the chef’s biography

Best Free Google Slides Templates

Yearbook for Google Slides

Creating a scrapbook is always fun, and it’s not only for children. Some companies develop a digital yearbook to celebrate the company’s achievements, while it can also present challenges that the teams solved. The best way to make one for your team at the end of the year is with a free Google Slides template.

Yearbook mostly has panels for images with sections for you to place descriptive text. You can duplicate panels you enjoy if you want to create more content. We recommend also adding some corporate branding as part of the themes as a unique touch.

Best Free Google Slides Templates

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