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Google Slides, Google's answer to PowerPoint, is a standalone app for iOS devices.

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  • Can edit and view presentations offline
  • Works well with Google Drive
  • Collaborative editing
  • It's free


  • Limited editing options
  • Some bugs cause it to occassionally crash

Very good

Google Slides, Google's answer to PowerPoint, is a standalone app for iOS devices.

A legit rival to PowerPoint?

Slides works best as a tool for professionals or students who want to glance at their presentations on the go. It doesn't work well as a full-blown editor but instead offers a simple way to review and (with a bit of fiddling) edit presentations.

The presentations themselves fit on the screen well, and switching between them is easy. Slides also supports Google's excellent collaboration programming, which allows for editing slides in real time.

Another one of Slides' touted features is its offline access. Prior to this, Google Drive required you to have an Internet connection to access and edit files. Although there are a few design bugs (e.g. some presentation templates didn't load text properly), I was still able to use Slides with few problems without an Internet connection.

I expect Sheets to become more robust because it's likely to work well with other Google products such as Hangouts and Docs and (I'd imagine) YouTube; all of which have been designed to work with one another.

Making a presentation

Unfortunately, making presentations doesn't feel particularly intuitive. There isn't much you can do to edit a file other than change the text. It's synced with everything you have on Google Drive, so it will detect any presentations you might have saved there and bring them up.

Slides can be cycled through by swiping and there's a button at the top of the screen to include more collaborators.

In order to edit pictures in the slides, you must first save the presentation as a PowerPoint file (.pptx) and export it. After it is finished, you can use more advanced editing options such as changing the font size, paragraph indentation, and picture editing. Converting presentations and exporting them as Powerpoint to do something as simple as editing feels clumsy and counter-intuitive; why push users towards a competitor?

A great way to manage your slides

Google Slides is an intuitive tool that is incredibly handy for those who want to check out their Powerpoint on their device. The clever inclusion of Chromecast (and support for the greater Google ecosystem) lays the groundwork for painless and professional presentations.

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